Tim Kenney

After being inspired by artist Pat Matthews in 2009, Tim decided to take lessons. He now paints everyday with oil and on stretched canvas with palette knives.

Tim Kenney was exposed to the paintings of Pat Matthews in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the 2009. After seeing Pat’s work, Tim could not stop thinking about his use of colors and shapes and how alive the paintings were. He was taken by Pat’s landscapes and aspens and other beautiful paintings. The same landscapes that Tim had camped and fly fished on his whole life. Six week later, Tim signed up at the Firehouse Arts Center in Norman, Oklahoma to learn how to paint. His instructor was Carol Armstrong who has been teaching at the Firehouse for 25 years and is an accomplished artist in her own right. He started painting and one year later donated a painting to a local charity where it sold. At that point, Tim started painting for others.

Before taking lessons, Tim had never painted a painting in his life.  Tim now paints every day and often paints plein air in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Oklahoma.

Tim shows his paintings in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Norman, Oklahoma. He was the featured artist for the Norman Mayfair Festival in 2013.

In May of 2014, Tim embarked on a 50 day tour with a goal of painting 50 Paintings in 50 States in 50 Days.  On July2, Tim painted his 50th painting on the 50th day of the tour.  The subject of the 50th painting was his grandmothers house in Santa Fe, New Mexico which is now the home of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Research Center at 135 Grant Ave.  Tim is donating 20% of all proceeds from this tour to the Nicole Jarvis Parkinson’s Research Foundation.  90% of those funds will be donated to the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Tim paints with oil and on Stretched Canvas with palette knives.

Tim has painted with Pat Matthews, Carol Armstrong, Jaki Wilkinson, Matthew Higginbotham, all accomplished artists.Also, the National Sculpture Society, recently presented its 79th Annual Awards Exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina. The Annual Awards Exhibition is the National Sculpture Society’s most popular show. Accomplished artists apply to the juried competition which offers thousands of dollars in cash prizes. A Jury of Selection, comprised of two NSS Fellows and one curator, chose the 43 works for the exhibition. Angela’s work, Pivotal Moment, won a celebratedPeople’s Choice Award at this important event, the award orchestrated by more than 50,000 art lovers attending who voted for their favorite works.

May, 2012: Angela named Living Master by ARC
Art Renewal Center is the largest on-line Museum on the internet housing all the known works of the greatest painters and sculptors in human history, cross referenced to the largest encyclopedic online art reference library of historical texts, essays, biographies and articles. The ARC defines a “living master” as one who has the rare talent, experience and expertise to create great humanistic works of art that are seemingly executed with effortless perfection; one who has been trained under the rigorous academic principles of Realism, and mastered every parameter and nuance of great painting or sculpture. ViewAngela’s Living Master page.

Artist’s Statement of Purpose
Freedom of spirit is my work’s purpose: to uplift and inspire feelings of pure love and joy. My fulfillment as an artist is complete if I feel that my sculpture stirs or awakens personal emotion in the hearts of its viewers.

As I sculpt, I listen to an enduring memory of my own experiences. Each sculpture begins as dramatic light and shadows over form. Unique details then deliver a responding body that listens as a live face does.

Upon signing my works in clay, it is difficult to resist the thrill of creation…I have a strong sense that nothing is finalized; it continues to develop and grow, as do our children. I feel the spirit of life itself is emanating from the sculpture.

Because of the passion that inspires my sculpting, I hope to transmit a complexity of emotions to those who contemplate my work.