Peter Marmanov

Peter Marmanov was born to a large family in the city of Simferopol in the Crimea region of Russia in 1940. Although there were no artists in his family, he had a lot of enthusiasm for drawing at an early age, drawing constantly and begging for lessons. His father, wishing to encourage his son, enrolled him in a children’s art school. Peter attended both art school and traditional public school simultaneously.

At 16, Marmanov entered the Crimian Art School, graduating in 1961. At the time he attended this school, many well-known Russian artists, including Bornikov, Ananovich, Bernadskiy, and Zakharov, were guest teachers while visiting from Leningrad. His five years in art school left Marmanov adept in professional art skills. After graduation, Peter had to serve the obligatory 3 years in the Russian military. Upon returning from his military service, Peter resumed his goal of pursuing a career in creating fine art. He exhibited extensively in the Ukrainian regional and republican exhibitions, as well as in Moscow exhibitions. In 1971, Marmanov became a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

Peter Marmanov’s works have been purchased by the Russian Ministry of Culture and are on permanent exhibition at museums in the former Soviet Union. More recently,Marmanov has enjoyed having global success. His works hang in both public and private collections, and galleries around the world.