Michael Flohr

Michael Flohr was introduced to art at an early age. As a five-year-old child, Michael Flohr was diagnosed with dyslexia. He went to tutoring in the mornings, where he was first instructed in painting, and began oil painting at the age of eight. Flohr went to work in a casino in San Diego, but still had an affinity for painting. Flohr attended the San Francisco Academy of Art University, where he “experimented with all types of media and artistic styles”

Michael Flohr’s technical style, loosely defined as “Urban Impressionism”, “has been described as a combination of avant-garde, abstract expressionism and impressionism”. He uses square brush strokes with elevated texture. When asked about his influences, Flohr says:

“The works of impressionist artists throughout history inspire me, specifically Pissaro, Monet, Manet, and Degas. Like these artists, I prefer to work in oils. I love oil paint because of its durability and the richness it brings to the canvas. I also believe that most people with an appreciation for art respect an artist’s use of this classic medium.

I do not work with models. I prefer to sketch ‘in the moment’ as a scene unfolds, most often with charcoal. Many times, these sketches will become works of art in themselves, because they capture a different mood. Sometimes I work with candid photographs. I look for visual clues in a scene and then consider the overwhelming choices of color I can use to create my interpretation of an image. Observation is everything for me. Whether it is seen, heard or read; it is all connected to that which can be processed into a visual.”